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About The Design Place

Our commercial and contractual experience spans 15+ years - professional and private office suites, conference rooms, travel agencies and restaurants. We are also available as design consultants, aiding clients directly with customized designs and color specifications for projects. Additionally, we provide cost information for logistics and project feasibility. Proudly boasting our NKBA Membership, we embrace the ethics of originality and quality composition for each and every project.

In both areas, we are able to assist the client’s architects and contractors while the project is still in the planning, design and construction stages. All important and pertinent questions are posed and answered during this phase.

For example: Will the proposed lighting system be efficient and functional while also being aesthetically pleasing? Does the placement of the fireplace compliment potential furniture arrangements? Are the interior specifications of quality and style in keeping with the architectural design?

When creating your next customized design for a residential or corporate statement, we invite you to consider The Design Place.

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